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​​​​​​​ Hunting at Boyd Lake Information

Reservations, online through or by phone, are required to hunt at Boyd Lake.

Visit the CPW hunting reservation page for more information or call 1-800-244-5613.


Only waterfowl hunting in the designated "Hunt Zone" is permitted at the park during the seasons set by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife. ​

See the Small Game and Waterfowl Regulation brochure for state waterfowl hunting information. You are responsible for knowing the state hunting regulations that apply to you

Hunters are required to have:  

  • a park pass.
  • a valid Colorado small game/waterfowl hunting license. 
  • a habitat stamp. 
  • a Colorado and federal waterfowl stamp.

Waterfowl hunting information specific to Boyd Lake: 

  1. Hunt within the designated HUNT ZONE boundaries​ only. These boundaries are marked on the map in red and at the hunting site with red posts and/or red and white signs. The water line is a boundary.  You may put decoys out, but you may not hunt from the water. ​When the lake is closed to boating on December 1st, only a "belly boat"/fishing aid, hunting dog, or manual retrieval can be used to get downed waterfowl. Reservation must be made to use Boyd Lake's Hunt Zones. Please see #2 for more information.

  2. ​A reservation is required to hunt waterfowl. Reservations must be made in accordance with #901. A, except that reservations are available on a first-come, first-serve basis starting 14 days in advance of the hunt date and may be made or canceled up to the starting time of the reserved time slot. Hunters may only hunt in the designated zone and time slot reserved.​

  3. Firearms must be unloaded outside the Hunt Zone area. Load weapons only when in position and ready to hunt inside Hunt Zone. Unload before returning to the vehicle.

  4. Do not drive into the Hunt Zone. Vehicles are not allowed off of the asphalt roadways and parking lots. You must walk all of your hunting equipment down to the site.

  5. Shoot only during legal shooting hours. You may hunt from ½ hour before sunrise until sunset.

  6. Do NOT shoot to the west of the Hunt Zones or in the direction of boaters.

  7. Have all proper licenses current and available for inspection. You must possess all current necessary licenses and stamps.

  8. Only NON-TOXIC shot is allowed. You cannot use or have in your possession lead shot while hunting waterfowl.

  9.  Leaving decoys set overnight is prohibited and there is no camping allowed in the parking lots. The park's hours for day-use are 5 a.m-10 p.m. Visitors actively fishing, boating (when the lake is still open to boating), or legally camping in the campground may use the park 24 hours-a-day.​

Where to Locally Purchase a Hunting License

Hunting licenses are available at the park or locally at: