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Partners in the Field
Partners in the Field

​​​​​​Essential to Outreach Success

Committed to Safety, Education, and Wil​dlife

The Hunter Outreach program's activities are made possible, in part, by Partners in the Field, an alliance of businesses, organizations, and individuals providing opportunities for each member to promote, encourage, and support the heritage and traditions of safe, ethical, and responsible sport hunting and shooting sports.​ 

Partners makes a difference by​:

  • ​bringing specialized skills, talents, ideas, and wisdom to Colorado Parks and Wildlife hunting programs.

  • presenting a positive public image of hunting and the partners.

  • leveraging resources for hunting program development, benefiting the citizens of Colorado.

Contributions from members vary:

  • Individuals (private landowners, for example) provide limited access to their land for youth/mentor activities and may sponsor habitat improvement projects.

  • Businesses donate equipment and/or provide financial support, leadership and management skills, and assist in planning and developing additional Hunter Outreach programs. They may also sponsor events meant to increase public participation in hunting and shooting activities.

  • Sporting organizations offer mentors for youth hunts, skilled sportsmen and women to guide and teach, and a social support network for novice hunters and shooters.

  • Communities become partners by sponsoring new resident information/orientation clinics or by participating in mentor programs.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife links partner solutions and public needs by managing and disseminating information, sponsoring Huntmaster and volunteer training programs, identifying and developing opportunities for public participation in sporting programs, supplying expertise in a number of areas, and providing oversight for outreach programs.

Partners in the Field

  • ​20 Mile Ranch
  • AGP Game Processing
  • Barker Ranch
  • Ben Delatour Scout Ranch
  • Brennan Industries
  • Buena Vista KOA
  • Cabela's
  • Cage Ranch
  • Chico Basin Ranch
  • Clough Cattle Company
  • Colorado Bowhunters Association
  • Colorado Waterfowl Association
  • Colowyo Coal Company
  • Ducks Unlimited
  • E.A.R. Inc.
  • EnCana Oil and Gas
  • Francis Ranch
  • Frontier Ranch
  • Golden Gun Club
  • Great Guns Sporting Club
  • Highlands Ranch Community Association
  • Kadlub Farms
  • Kendall Ranch
  • Kennicott Duck Club
  • Kessler Canyon RFW
  • Laybourn's Upland Game Hunt Club
  • Max-Air Trailers
  • Morgan Creek–Ranching for Wildlife
  • National Skeet Shooting Association
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • Orchard Meadows Gun Club
  • Pheasants Forever
  • PO Ranch
  • Ponderosa Outfitters
  • Price Ranch
  • Purgatorie Ranch–Ranching for Wildlife
  • Quail Run Preserve
  • R and R Hunt Club
  • Rim Rock Ranch RFW
  • Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society
  • Rocky Mountain Roosters Preserve
  • Safari Club International
  • Scienturfic Farms
  • Shikar-Safari Club International Foundation
  • ​Shootin Shop South
  • Silver Spur RFW
  • Snake River RFW
  • Sportsman's Warehouse
  • Stillroven Farm
  • Three Forks Ranch
  • Three Springs Ranch Ranching for Wildlife (RFW)
  • Williams Fork Ranch
  • Woods 'N' Water Outfitters