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Group Rentals
Group Rentals

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prairie Skipper Pavilion

​​​​​​​​​​Prairie Skipper ​is an Outdoor Pavilion Event Facility which will accommodate up to 200 people complete with pavilion, restrooms, and parking. Reservations for the upcoming season will be accepted up to 9 months in advance. See the  Prairie Skipper Rental Agreement​.

Skipper pavilion thumb Skipper wedding thumb
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Prairie Falcon​ Amphitheatre

Prairie Falcon is an Outdoor Amphitheatre Event facility which will accommodate up to 160​ people with rock stop style amphitheater seating. There are restrooms adjacent to the facility. Parking is very limited at the Amphitheater. Reservations for the upcoming season will be accepted up to 9 months in advance. See the Prairie Falcon Rental Agreement​.


Group Camping​

Group camping reservations for the upcoming season are placed through the Cheyenne Mountain State Park office and can be placed a maximum of six months in advance. 

The Meadows Group campground is divided into five groups. ​​See the following documents for more information:  Meadows Group Map (1.2MB) and the Meadows Group Campground Camping Rules and Information​.

Meadows Group Reservation Form can be downloaded and brought in person to the park office at 410 JL Ranch Heights, Colorado Springs, or reservations may be called into the park office at 719-576-2016. 

Visitor Center​ Meeting Room

The park Visitor Center boasts a beautiful public meeting room that will accommodate up to 50 people. It is available for use during normal business hours for a fee. Reservation ​forms are available at the Park Visitor Center or downloaded here Visitor Center Meeting Room Information and Agreement. For additional information or to check room availability please call the park office.

Meeting room