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Geese in Flight

​The variety of available habitats makes Lake Pueblo a great place for bird watching. Obviously the lake, ponds and the Arkansas River on the property are great for waterfowl. Cormorants, Western Grebes, Great Blue Herons, Mountain Bluebirdand Pelicans can be seen on the lake at various times of the year. Teals, Pintail and Mallard ducks, Mergansers and Egrets call the river and ponds home. Waterfowl hunting is allowed at Lake Pueblo, click on the hunting icon for further information.

The riparian zone along the river is great for bird watching. The trail from Osprey day use area is a shaded, easy to walk area. Flickers, Flycatchers, Nuthatches and warblers are in abundance.

The rocky bluffs are great habitats for a variety of Swallows and Birds of Prey.

QuailThe short grass and juniper shrubs are perfect for our unofficial park ambassador, the Scaled Quail. These little birds and their large clutches of chicks can be seen moving all over the park. A Roadrunner has decided to take up residency near Juniper Breaks campground.

Lake Pueblo is probably best known for its large population of birds of prey. Great-horned Owls and Red-tail Hawks are abundant and nest in the park. Ospreys nest in specially made nest boxes at the western and eastern edge of the park. While they usually migrate for the winter, a few have decided to stay during our relatively mild winters. Turkey Vultures are here all summer long, and help keep our park clean. Prairie Falcons, Kestrels, Golden Eagles, Ferruginous and Swainson's Hawks and even an occasional Peregrine Falcon are seen throughout the park.

Bald EaglesOur most majestic visitor is the Bald Eagle that spends the winter months at Lake Pueblo. They begin to arrive in November and stay until March when they move north to nesting grounds. 

For a more comprehensive list of our local birds check out the local chapter of the Audubon Society website.

Please be considerate of birdwatchers and keep your dogs on a leash. View the bird brochure.