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Mule Deer

Bobcat Lake Pueblo’s variety of habitats offers very diverse wildlife populations.   The river corridor is home to mule deer, raccoons and coyotes.  Beaver dams and lodges are common and a family of bobcats is often seen.

The smaller ponds at the east end of the park provide a home for soft shell turtles and snapping turtles.   In the winter great blue herons and gulls stand on the ice and fish for trout.

The shale bluffs throughout the park are ideal habitats for nesting red tail hawks, prairie rattlesnakes and a rare lizard—the triploid checkered whiptail. This lizard population is made up of only females! Bighorn sheep have also made an appearance.

The short grass prairie is a great place to find prairie dog towns. If you watch the p-dog towns you might just see one of our most popular residents the burrowing owl. These ground-dwelling owls are a “hoot” to watch.

The lake itself is home to a wide variety of waterfowl from grebes to pelicans. Our most majestic visitors are the bald eagles that spend the winter at Lake Pueblo. We even have an annual Eagl​e Day Festival celebrating their visit every February.

Remember to keep your dogs on a leash to avoid unfortunate wildlife encounters. Dogs often chase wildlife which causes stress or injury to the wildlife, not to mention preventing someone else from enjoying them.

If you have a notable wildlife sighting, please mention it to the park staff!