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​​​​​​​​​​Yurts, reminiscent of tents used by nomads on the steppes of Mongolia and Siberia, are round tents on a wooden frame with circular skylights and windows to provide illumination. Never Summer Nordic operates these eleven yurts plus two huts and a cabin offering the backcountry enthusiast a secure, secluded shelter.

​Each yurt or hut offers:

  • A woodstove
  • Beds
  • Cooking facilities with a propane cook stove, pots, pans, dishes, and silverware
  • A lantern
  • An outhouse

North Park Yurts (Black Bear, Aspen and Sunset Yurts)

These three yurts are very easy to reach from the highway and close to yurt office, while still offering great quiet and privacy. Offering year-round drive-up access they are great to rent singly or as a group. These yurts sleep 7-9, and dogs are allowed year-round. They have solar powered lighting and great access to the State Park trail system.

Summer and winter access: Drive-up year-round

Grass Creek Yurt

The Grass Creek yurt is locate amidst of spectacular mountain scenery in a quiet valley near North Michigan Reservoir and Michigan River, which sleeps five to seven. It’s an easy ski in and gentle terrain for beginners.

Summer:  0.3 miles         
Winter:  0.75 miles 120 ft gain

Ruby Jewel Yurt

The Ruby Jewel yurt is nestled in a dense lodgepole forest near the Ruby Jewel Lake trailhead and sleeps five to seven.  Unlimited access to high alpine bowls and exciting ridges tempt the more skillful skiers.

Summer: 4wd or 1.8 miles    
Winter: 1.8 miles 670 ft gain

Clark Peak Yurt

Clark Peak Yurt sleeps 9-12 and is located halfway to Ruby Jewel Lake and sits in a small clearing with a mountain stream nearby and the south ridge of Clark Peak in view. Great access to high alpine bowls and ridges.

Summer: 2wd or 2.0 miles    
Winter: 2.0 miles 670 ft gain

North Fork Canadian Yurt

The North Fork Canadian yurt, featuring unsurpassed views of the Never Summer Mountains, is an ideal base camp for outdoor adventures. North Fork Canadian sleeps up to seven people. 

Summer: 1.1 miles    
Winter: 1.1 miles 100 ft gain

Dancing Moose Yurt

Dancing Moose yurt, An impressive view of Clark Peak with Bull Mountain to explore as your backyard.  A short ski in. Sleeps nine to 12.

Summer:  Drive in access           
Winter:  .25 miles

Montgomery Pass Yurts

The Montgomery Pass yurts are located halfway up the west side of Montgomery Pass. The yurts share a large clearing but are separated by a strand of trees. Both yurts sleep five to seven.

  • The Lower Montgomery Pass yurt features breathtaking views of Diamond Peak, Nokhu Crags, Mt. Richthofen and Seven Utes.

  • Upper Montgomery Pass yurt features beautiful views of the Zirkels and the Medicine Bows, recommended for intermediate and advanced skiers. 

​Summer: 4wd or 1.1 miles    
Winter: 2.8 miles 620 ft gain

Nokhu Hut

The Nokhu Hut is located along the Lake Agnes access road with great views of the Nokhu Crags Mt. Richthofen and Mt. Mahler. The hut sleeps six to eight.

Summer: 2wd access    
Winter: 1.7 miles 540 ft gain

Agnes Creek Cabin

Agnes Creek Cabin is located along the Lake Agnes access road with great views of Diamond Peak.  Sleeps six to eight.

Summer: 2wd access   
Winter: 1.7 miles 540 ft gain​​​​​​

Willow Lodge Cabin

A beautiful two story cabin, right next to the entrance to the park, in an accessible but secluded location. It has a private room upstairs and additional beds for a total capacity of 20 people. It comes with a wood burning stove, propane oven, large deck and solar powered lights.

Summer and winter access: Drive-up year-round