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Boating and Watersport
Boating and Watersport

​​​​​Water is the main attraction a Lake Pueblo State Park. The warm-water temperature makes Lake Pueblo ideal for water-skiing and fishing.  Regular winds provide excellent conditions for sailboating and sailboarding as well.  The lake is open to all types of boating. Two, six-lane public boat launching ramps are conveniently located near both marinas.  Boaters must observe the Colorado Boating Statutes and Regulations and display current registration on each vessel. For more information on registering your boat, visit the Boating Registration page. Remember that swimming, cliff diving, or rock jumping are not permitted in Lake Pueblo. Persons wishing to sleep on the water overnight may do so if their boat is at anchor off shore and equipped with the proper lighting.  Boaters are not permitted to beach on the shoreline to sleep overnight on / in their boat or to set up camp along the shoreline. All on-board facilities must be self-contained and sealed.

The water level at Lake Pueblo can fluctuate. Boaters are warned to be especially alert to floating debris, submerged hazards, and shallow areas that may not be marked. The park makes every attempt to mark hazards, but not all hazards are discovered or marked. There are standing, underwater trees on the west end of the lake.

Two full-service marinas are located at Lake Pueblo. The North Shore Marina is located on the north shore of the lake and the South Shore Marina is located on the south.  Both Marinas offer on-lake towing services, mechanical service/assistance, boat slips, food, and fuel. The South Shore Marina offers pontoon boat rentals.

Pueblo Jet Ski Rental has a Special Use Agreement with the park that allows them to rent jet skis at the park.  For more information on rentals, call 719-248-6826 or go to: Pueblo Jet Ski Rental.​