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Winter Activities
Winter Activities

​Lake Pueblo receives very special winter visitors each year. The majestic Bald Eagle, America’s amazing national symbol, graces the park from mid-December to March. Often found in the west-end, near the West Fishing Access Road, visitors watch the birds hunt for prey, perch in trees, or soar through the sky with breathless grace and dignity.  

Winter Camping

Blessed with mild winters, Lake Pueblo has limited camping opportunities throughout the winter. The areas reservable and open year-round are:   

  • Arkansas Point’s Loop A: sites 1-27 & 94-95 – NOTE: APC has electrical hook ups and a place to fill up with water.  There is no shower or laundry facilities available in the winter, but the flush restroom and dump station are open.

  • Juniper Breaks Loop D:  sites 100-124 – NOTE: JBC is a non-electric campground with vault restroom facilities and water is available.

  • Eagle View (sites 300-316) in Northern Plains.  Eagle View has electrical hook ups and a place to fill up with water.  NOTE:  no shower, laundry or dump station facilities are available in Eagle View the winter.  A vault restroom is open.

Again, keep in mind:  Juniper Breaks does not have electricity.  Eagle View Loops in Northern Plains have electricity, but it should be noted that flush toilets, showers, laundry and a dump station are NOT be available through the winter. Vault facilities are available in Juniper Breaks and Eagle View.

The sites open in Arkansas Point have flush restrooms and the dump station available, but the showers and laundry are closed.

Ice Safety at Lake Pueblo

The lake can get a thin layer of ice on it in some shallow areas during the coldest time of the winter. The ice on the lake and at the Anticline Pond in Rock Canyon is never safe to walk on. Before going out onto a frozen lake, pond or river, it's important to take safety precautions to reduce the risk of falling through the ice. Knowing how to judge ice conditions will also help you make more informed decisions while enjoying winter activities. For more information on ice safety, conditions and what to do if you fall through the ice, read Park Pointers: Ice Danger & Safety.