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​​​​​​​​​​​Fishing at Lake Pueblo is more than just a large lake and a boat. Lake Pueblo State Park also offers a river corridor that is ideal for fly-fishing as well as several auxiliary ponds that are great for shore fishing.

All Colorado Parks and Wildlife fishing regulations apply and anglers must have a valid fishing license in their possession at all times.

The lake itself is almost 5000 surface acres of water with 60 miles of shoreline. This provides plenty of space for boat fishing or shoreline fishing. ​The lake is open year round and with the mild winters, the water never freezes. It is not unusual to see a boat on Lake Pueblo in the middle of winter with a fishing pole or two in the water. Several species of game fish thrive in the lake. Smallmouth and Largemouth bass, walleye, crappies, trout, channel catfish and wipers are common catches. The state record wiper ​was caught at Lake Pueblo.

All largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass must be at least 15” with a limit of five fish in aggregate. Walleyes and saugeyes must be at least 18” with a bag and possession limit of five. Only one walleye or saugeye over 21” can be taken per day. Underwater spearfishing is allowed for catfish and wiper with a bag and possession limit of five fish.

The river east of the dam is often lined with fly-fisherman trying for the large trout that call the Arkansas River home. The mild winter temperatures make the river a fly-fishing option year round.

The Valco ponds on the east end of the park have catfish and bluegill, and Anticline pond in the RockCanyon area of the park is stocked with trout. Anticline pond has a handicap accessible fishing dock and is surrounded by a paved bike path. Boats are not allowed on any pond with the exception of belly boats which are allowed at the Valco ponds only.

For water temperatures and conditions, visit the Lake Pueblo Conditions page. Please be considerate of others and of our fish population and properly dispose of your trash.