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Track-Chair Information
Track-Chair Information
Track Chair program.

​​The Staunton State Park Track-Chair Program mission is to provide accessibility for a high quality and sustainable recreational opportunity to the men, women, and children of the beautiful state of Colorado, and beyond, while preserving and protecting the natural resources within Staunton State Park.


At this time, use of the Track-Chair is free of charge. A park pass is required on all vehicles entering the park. If the entrance station is not staffed, a daily park pass may be purchased at the self-service station, located at the park entrance. A day pass is $10.00 per vehicle. Annual park passes may be purchased at the entrance station during staffed hours.


The park staff will provide basic first aid items and emergency inclement weather gear (fleece blanket, rain poncho, umbrella, etc.). If you have specific items that you rely on for your personal comfort, it is recommended that you bring them. The park elevation ranges from 8,200’ to nearly 10,000’, and is subject to a rapidly changing mountain weather environment. Thermoregulation is your responsibility, so make a point to check the local weather forecast, and bring adequate clothing to maintain an appropriate level of comfort.

​​Here is a list of items to consider bringing with you:

  • ​​Water (more than you think you need)
  • Required medications and medical supplies
  • Additional clothing layers
  • Seat cushion
  • Hat or sun visor
  • Sun block
  • Sun glasses
  • Snacks
  • Camera​


If needed, Staunton State Park offers slide boards and a sling lift to facilitate transfer into the Track-Chair. All participants need to be accompanied by their caregiver or companion on the hike. A Staunton volunteer will also be on the hike. Staunton State Park staff and volunteers have received training in assisting with transfers, but may be limited in the level of assistance they can provide.


Due to the inherent risk posed by the Track-Chair itself, and a concern for the safety of your pet or service animal, Track-Chair​ operators are not permitted to possess pets/service animals while operating the Track-Chair. It is not recommended that pets or service animals accompany you on your trip, however if it is necessary to bring your pet or service animal on the Track-Chair trip, they will be required to be kept under the control of an accompanying friend or caregiver. State regulation mandates that all pets must be kept on a six foot leash and under control at all times.



  • ​Take US-285 southbound toward Fairplay for 19.5 miles
  • Exit at S Elk Creek Rd also called “Shaffers Crossing” (follow signage for Staunton State Park)
  • Turn Right on S Elk Creek Rd
  • The park entrance is located just over a mile from US-285 on the right side of the road​

For more information, please visit the Maps and Directions page​. ​


Upon arrival at Staunton State Park, please proceed to the park’s entrance station. The Track-Chair Program Manager will be there to greet you at the scheduled trip start time​.​

  • Follow the park road toward the Ranch Hand Group Picnic Area. 
  • Follow the signage marked “TRAILHEAD PARKING”, which will take you past the Ranch Hand Group Picnic Area. 
  • Follow the road to the right; this will take you into the Meadow parking lot. You will see a two-bay garage near the northeast corner of the Track-Chair parking lot. 
  • There are multiple handicap accessible parking spaces in front of the Track-Chair garage.  


Staunton is a beautiful and busy park! The park features outstanding views of rocky granite outcroppings, historic cabins, distant peak vistas, wildlife from marmots to mountain lions, and everything in between. You can expect to see equestrians, mountain bikers, and hikers of all ages on Staunton’s trails. You can also expect to attract a fair amount of curiosity from your fellow trail users. Don’t be surprised to find yourself the center of attention. We’ve found park visitors to be quite fascinated by the Track-Chair, and very supportive of the efforts to offer this unique opportunity.

Enjoy your time at Staunton State Park! We appreciate your interest in Staunton’s Track-Chair Program, and are confident your experience will be a great one!​