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​​​​​​​​Chatfield trail.jpgA series of trails wind through the Chatfield area and provides the park visitor with an abundance of recreational opportunities. You can take a morning jog, walk through natural areas around the reservoir, leisurely pedal your bicycle through the park or ride a horse into the sunset. Trail maps are available at the park's main entrances.

Download Chatfield State Park trail map.


Horse trailer parking, corrals, unloading ramps and the trailhead are on the park's west side, which is most easily reached from the Deer Creek entrance. Horses may be rented at the Chatfield Livery, southwest of the swim beach. Visitors may leave their horses in the corrals overnight if they are camping in the campground. Visitors must furnish their own feed, as grazing is not allowed. Water faucets are provided at the corrals. Horses are prohibited at picnic sites, campsites and the swim beach. Horses are not allowed between the main park road and the reservoir, but are welcome on areas and trails outside of the main park road.

Trail Descriptions

Chatfield Internal Trails Network

Chatfield trail2.jpgPermitted uses: Foot, bike and skate
Miles paved:  10.0
Miles non-paved: 16.0 
Total distance: 26.0
Usage: Medium
Degree of difficulty: Moderate
Elevation: 5,460
ADA accessible: Most
Comments: connecting Trail links include the Mary Carter Greenway, Centennial trail, Columbine Trail, Highline Canal Trail, Waterton Canyon/Colorado Trail.
Pets: Yes, on leash

Chatfield Dam Trail

Chatfield trail3.jpgPermitted uses: Foot and bike
Miles paved:  2.4
Miles non-paved: .3 
Total distance: 2.7
Usage: Low
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 5,500
ADA accessible: Yes – Asphalt
Comments:  Access trailhead at Dam Overlook parking lot. Connecting trail links include the Highline Canal Trail, Columbine Trail, and Centennial Trail.
Pets: Yes, on leash

Chatfield Equestrian Loop

Chatfield trail4.jpgPermitted uses: Horse
Miles paved:  0
Miles non-paved: 3.2
Total distance: 3.2
Usage: Medium
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Elevation: 5,470
ADA accessible: No 
Pets: Yes, on leash
Comments: Access trailhead at the Chatfield Stables parking lot. People on foot and bike use some portions of the trail loop. Connecting trail links include the Highline Canal Trail, Waterton Canyon and Colorado Trails.