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Eleven Mile State Park - Sunset

​​​​​​​​​​​See the park conditions page for seasonal closures. 

Boating Rules and Regulations

  • All persons under the age of 13 must wear their life jacket at all times while in any vessel that is on the water. Visit the park office/visitor center for a child's PFD loaner.

  • Water-contact sports such as wading, swimming, scuba diving, Sailboat at Eleven Milewater-skiing, jet skiing or towing of any water toys are prohibited.

  • Windsurfing with a full body wetsuit is recommended due to the low water temperatures.

  • Boat docks are for loading and unloading only.

  • Mooring at or fishing from the docks is prohibited.

  • There is an enforced five-minute use limit while mooring at the dock.

  • Islands within the reservoir are closed to all public use.

  • The reservoir is closed to boating from one half-hour after sunset to one half-hour before sunrise daily.

  • Play it safe while on the water - leave your alcohol on shore. DO NOT operate your vessel while under the influence. This is a criminal offense in Colorado and you can be arrested for it.

Please learn about Colorado's boating statutes and regulations​​. Safety and information handouts are also available at the park office. 


Kayaker at Eleven MileSudden storms with strong winds and high waves can develop quickly at Eleven Mile. If you see storm clouds building on the horizon, please exercise caution by heading closer towards shore. Underwater hazards are frequently found in the reservoir and not all are marked. Boaters should be especially careful when within 150 feet of any shoreline. 


The threat of Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) is a very real threat that affects everybody. AIS species can destroy facilities, ecosystems and recreational equipment alike. It is in nobody's interest to allow their introduction into a "clean" reservoir. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists confirmed the presence of two invasive species, New Zealand mud snails (NZMS) and a plant called Eurasian water milfoil (EWM) in both Eleven Mile and Spinney Mountain Reservoirs. NZMS primarily feed on algae and aquatic plants, and can crowd out other desired fish and invertebrate species. EWM is an aggressive aquatic plant that out competes native plants and can form large strands on the surface of the water, which can entangle motors and degrade the quality of recreational boating opportunities. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife requires a boat inspection on all trailered vessels that are intending to either be launched on or removed from either reservoir. Belly boats, canoes and kayaks without motors are still exempted if they do not arrive on a trailer. But, we need the help of every boater and fisherman that uses the reservoir. It is critical for the boating and fishing public to fully cooperate in order to protect boating and fishing opportunities not only at Eleven Mile Reservoir, but all water impoundments within Colorado and prevent the spread of these damaging organisms. 

Mandatory inspections of all non-exempt vessels will be conducted at either boat ramp (when open for use) and must be completed satisfactorily prior to launching on the reservoir or exiting from the boat ramp parking lot. Any vessel, float tube or belly boat that is found to be contaminated will be refused admittance to the reservoir until that vessel, float tube or belly boat is satisfactorily decontaminated. Owners of any vessel, float tube or belly boat found to be contaminated after being removed from Eleven Mile Reservoir will be assisted by parks and wildlife staff in ensuring that the vessel, float tube or belly boat is "clean" prior to exiting the boat ramp parking lot. It is illegal in Colorado to knowingly transport ANS. 

Full decontamination can be done by park staff through the boating season at the Eleven Mile Shop only between the hours of 7 AM until 5 PM daily. Owners should be aware that an inspection at Eleven Mile Reservoir will be required every time the vessel enters or leaves the ramp area for launching or loading unless the vessel has an untampered inspection strap attached to its bow and affixing it to the trailer that was placed upon it at Eleven Mile State Park when entering or exiting the ramp lot. 

Salmon snagging at Eleven Mile

​​How Can You Help?

Before leaving any lake or other waterway, fishermen and boaters should:

  • CLEAN the hull of your vessel, belly boat or float tube thoroughly.

  • DRAIN all water from the boat, including live wells, bait wells and ballast tanks.

  • DRY the vessel, fishing gear and equipment.

  • INSPECT all exposed surfaces.

  • REMOVE all plant and animal material.

For more information, including how anglers and boaters can help, a form to report an invader and more, see the Aquatic Invasive Species pages.

See the park's homepage for current weather conditions. Boat rentals are available from 11 Mile Marina.​