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Eleven Mile State Park - Sunset at Rocky Ridge

​​​​Hunting is permitted within the park’s boundaries with a valid hunting permit and during legal hunting seasons, except in those areas that are specifically closed to hunting. View a hunting closure map (pdf) of these areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, any location that is within 100 yards of any campground, picnic site, vault toilet, boat ramp, building or other facility or structure.

Youth Goose Hunter

Eleven Mile State Park is home ​​to a diverse number of waterfowl. Mallards, buffleheads, gadwalls, widgeons, common mergansers, coot, teal, shovelers and goldeneyes all frequent the area each fall as they migrate on their way to warmer climates. The numerous waterfowl species present a popular challenge every year to local duck hunters who are seeking a slightly different type of hunting experience in the mountains.

Big game hunting opportunities are also available at Eleven Mile State Park. Select Eleven Mile’s campground to establish your base camp at night and then hunt the surrounding mountains and plains the next day. Big game hunters will find deer, elk, bear and mountain lion among the mountains that are only minutes away on USFS land bordering the park. Pronghorn antelope can be found on the plains located within the park, as well as the adjacent BLM land.

Mule Deer buck in Velvet

​Hunters seeking small game and furbearers will find an abundance of cottontail rabbits, jackrabbits and coyote both on the plains and in the mountains. Bobcat, badger and weasel are also abundant, but less frequently seen residents of the area.

For more detailed hunting information, see the CPW Hunting Page​ or browse one of the online Hunting Brochures​.