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​​​​​​​​​​​​Ice fishermenWelcome to great Colorado fishing. The Park hosts fishing tournaments year-round. Check the ca​lendar​ for up-coming fishing tournaments. Eagle Claw Shappell Colorado Classic Pro-Am Ice fishing tournaments are monthly (Jan, Feb & Mar) through the winter and the fall pike tournament is usually the weekend after Labor Day weekend.​ Additional fishing tournaments may occur each year based on special activity agreements.

Restricted Fishing Areas

All fishing is prohibited in the restricted area near the dam on the east end of the reservoir. This area is marked by a closure buoy line that stretches across the lake at that point.

Fly Fisherman with Trophy Brown TroutAll fishing is flies and lures only and is catch and release within 100 feet of the mouth of the inlet. This area is clearly marked with a set of buoys positioned in the shape of a square around the mouth of the river.

Fishing from any island or from any dock is prohibited. Fishing is permitted everywhere else on the reservoir. Check our fishing closure map for full details of these areas.

Fishing Restrictions at Eleven Mile Reservoir Include:

  • Fisherman with Trophy PikeTrout daily bag/possession limit is four fish, of which no more than two can be 16 inches or longer.

  • Northern pike has NO bag/possession limit.

  • Kokanee salmon daily bag/possession limit is 10 fish at all times of the year.

  • Ice-fishing shelters must be portable.

  • The use of live minnows is strictly prohibited.

  • Fishing guides and outfitters who use the park for commercially guided fishing or recreation activities are required to apply for a special-use permit. Please contact the park office for more details at (719) 748-3401.

  • Please check the current Colorado Parks and Wildlife Fishing Regulations brochure for a complete list of all fishing regulations. Hold down Ctrl and F to search for Eleven Mile within the brochure.

Eleven Mile's Kokanee Population and Gill Lice

As many of Eleven Mile's salmon anglers have been aware, the salmon population has declined since 2006.

Kokanee Snagging FishermanThe reason for the die-off can be laid at the hands of a small parasite known as gill lice (Salmincola sp.). The gill lice are responsible for a sizable die-off of all age classes of salmon in Eleven Mile Reservoir.

Gill lice are not harmful to humans provided that fish are prepared properly (145 degree heat or until the flesh is opaque and separates easily with a fork).

Trout have a higher resistance to the parasite and no loss of any of Eleven Mile's trout species has been observed.