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Winter Activities
Winter Activities
Eleven Mile State Park - Ice Fishermen on Lake

​​​​​​​Eleven Mile State Park offers great ice fishing, ice skating, ice boating and cross-country skiing each winter. Enjoy winter camping at 10 of Eleven Mile's electric (year-round) sites, or at (nearly) 200, non-electric (year-round) sites.

Ice boatingIce boating enthusiasts enjoy Eleven Mile’s large ice surface area. Good wind conditions and a relatively smooth ice surface during the early part of winter make this park a favorite for the sport.

Ice skating is an under utilized activity at Eleven Mile, but for those few visitors who do make the journey it is well worth it. Miles of uninterrupted ice make for a wonderful way to spend a weekend day.

Ice skatingWhen the snow gets heavy and makes for difficult ice boating or skating conditions, switch over to a pair of cross-country skis or snowshoes. The lake surface provides visitors with an excellent opportunity to stay fit during the winter months.

Snowmobiles and off-highway vehicles are prohibited unless a Special Use Permit has been issued by the park to the rider. Persons who require special access options to the ice may apply for a Special Use Permit at the park office. Snowmobile registrations may also be purchased at the office or online. See the Registrations page. 

Learn more about snowmobiling in Colorado.​

Ice pressure ridgeAll ice sport participants are advised to exercise caution when on the ice and to determine the location of any existing pressure ridges or open water before venturing out onto the it. Before going out onto any frozen lake, pond or river, it is important to take safety precautions. Knowing how to judge ice conditions will help you make informed safety decisions while enjoying winter activities. Learn more about ice safety, conditions and what to do if you fall through the ice.​