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Track-Chair Availability Calendar
Track-Chair Availability Calendar
​​​​Rock formation landscape with pine and aspen trees.

​The calendar (below) is to view Track-Chair availability only. ​​

Reservations for the 2021 season are open!  Trips will begin on Friday June 4!  If you cannot find an open date on the availability below please email our Adaptive Recreation Program Manager at

Reserve a Trackchair​ ​


All Track-Chair reservations are tentative, and are subject to cancellation by park staff for any reason including inclement weather. Due to the inherent risks involved with operation of the Track-Chair, pets and service animals may not accompany Track-Chair operators on park trails while operating or otherwise using the Track-Chair. If you require assistance with operation of the Track-Chair, chair to chair transfer, or other medical or personal issues, you must be accompanied by a qualified caregiver, relative or friend that can provide necessary assistance.

For detailed information to help prepare you for your Track-Chair​ experience at Staunton State Park, please view the Track-Chair Information page.

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