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Track-Chair Availability Calendar
Track-Chair Availability Calendar
​​​​​​Rock formation landscape with pine and aspen trees.

​The calendar (below) is to view Track-Chair availability only. ​​

Reservations for the 2024 season open May 1st at 8am!  

Reserve a Trackchair​ ​


All Track-Chair reservations are tentative, and are subject to cancellation by park staff for any reason including inclement weather. Due to the inherent risks involved with operation of the Track-Chair, pets and service animals may not accompany Track-Chair operators on park trails while operating or otherwise using the Track-Chair. If you require assistance with operation of the Track-Chair, chair to chair transfer, or other medical or personal issues, you must be accompanied by a qualified caregiver, relative or friend that can provide necessary assistance.

For detailed information to help prepare you for your Track-Chair​ experience at Staunton State Park, please view the Track-Chair Information page.

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