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Dog Off-Leash Area
Dog Off-Leash Area
Dog Park

Is the dog park open?

  • Yes, hours are 5 am to 10 pm. All fees apply. 

Is there water in the ponds & are the ponds iced over?  

  • Water in the ponds is normal at this time and there is no ice. 

Can I fish in the ponds?

  • No, fishing is prohibited at all ponds within the dog off-leash area.

​​​​​​​Chatfield's Dog Off-Leash Area​ ​​

Our Dog Off-Leash Area provides 69 acres of completely fenced open space for your dogs to exercise- including two ponds and miles of paved and unpaved walking trails. Please have your dog under voice control when off leash, and remember to bring a leash, which​ must be carried with you, and waste bag for each dog. There is a limit of 3 dogs per handler.​

In addition to a valid Park Pass required for every vehicle entering the park:

  • A valid Dog Off-Leash Area (DOLA) Daily OR Annual pass is required for the use of the area. Both the $3 Daily DOLA Pass and the $25 Annual DOLA Pass are available at the Entrance Stations and the Park Office when staffed. 

  • $3 Daily Self-Service DOLA Passes are also available at the Owl Glenn and Steven’s Grove Parking Areas.

Leashed DogVisitors are reminded to leash their dogs when exiting vehicles and remain leashed until inside the fenced off leash area. When leaving the off leash area, dogs must be leashed from the access points to the vehicle. It is also a regulation that handlers must have a waste bag and leash with them for each dog while in the DOLA. Please be aware the DOLA is a multi-use recreation area.

We invite you to socialize your pets, but aggressive behavior is not permitted and you are required to remove wastes left by your dog.

Use of the Upland Sport Dog Training Area and the Flat Water Sport Dog Training Area require a Special Activity Permit. Please contact the Park Headquarters at (303) 791​-7275​ or​​ for further information.

See the Dog Off-Leash Area Location Map