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Off-Highway Vehicle Grants
Off-Highway Vehicle Grants
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Trails Program funds improve and enhance motorized recreation opportunities in Colorado while promoting safe, responsible use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs). To fund the annual OHV trail grant process, both OHV registration and permit fees, and federal Recreation Trails Funds (RTP) are utilized.​

​​​​ Who can apply for these grants?

  • Local, county, and state governments, federal agencies, special recreation districts, and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply.

What projects are eligible for these grants?

  • Projects related to recreational use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHVs) on lands open to the public. OHVs include: trail motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and four-wheel drive vehicles.
  • The Program is placing an emphasis on maintenance projects to repair and improve existing trails, and to address resource impacts due to increased visitation in Colorado.

2024-25 Grant Applications

​The application window is now OPEN. Applications are due December 1, 2023

  • Review the Program Guide, wildlife con​​siderations and federal requirements before submitting your application.
  • Applicants will present their proposals to the subcommittee members in March 2024. Further information will be provided.

How to Apply

Having trouble downloading Excel or Word files? Right-click on the link, chose 'Save As' and download to your desktop or​ designated ​folder.

Area Wildlife Manager​ Review Documents

2024 Grant Review Meetings

The State Recreational Trails Committee and its grant review and ranking subcommittees meet to review the grant applications. These meetings are open to the public and provide a platform for verbal comments on the applications.​

A subcommittee evaluates OHV Good Management trail crew grant applications as a first priority, and then the subcommittee scores and ranks the OHV competitive grant applications in​ order of their recommended funding priority. ​​

The 2024-25 OHV Grant Applicant Presentations will be presented in a hybrid setup.

Dates and locations will be posted prior to the events.​​​​​

​These meetings are open to the public and provide a platform for verbal comments on the applications. Public comment periods have been scheduled for each day​. If you would like to provide comment virtually, please register below for the meeting you would like to attend.​​​​

2024-2025 Grant T​imeline​

  • ​December 1, 2023: Applications due by 5:00 p.m.
  • February 2, 2024: Deadline for written public comment
  • February 7-8, 2024: OHV subcommittee meeting - application review
  • March 6-8, 2024: OHV grant applicant presentations
  • April 5, 2024: State Trails Committee reviews recommendations from subcommittees 
  • May 5, 2024: Commission final funding decision
  • Fall 2024 through Spring 2025: Project funds available for disbursement

Federal Funding Requirements

All projects awarded with federal funding are subject to the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (F​FATA). Applicants should request a Unique Entity Identifier if their organization does not already have one. The link to register for a new UEI is listed on the right under "Grant Documentation".

​Federal OMB, 2 CFR 200 Uniform Procurement Guidance applies to all CPW RTP​​ grants (as of 2018).

State trails staff and grant reviewers cannot comment on the status of a grant application until the evaluation and scoring process is completed.​​​

About the OHV Grant Types

​​​​Good Management OHV Grants​​

Since 2001, the OHV Good Management Program institutionalized OHV grant funding mechanisms for federal grantees and their direct supporters who demonstrated an exceptional ability in the managing, operating and maintaining Colorado’s most popular OHV riding areas. The program provides a consistent and predictable level of funding so that federal agencies can attract and retain experienced trail crews for the operation and maintenance of their OHV riding areas.

Pro​grammatic​ (competitive) OHV Project Grants

  • OHV programmatic or competitive project grants address the full spectrum of OHV recreation support needs in Colorado. Eligible grant funded activities include:​
  • ​Construction, reconstruction or maintenance of OHV routes or multi-use trails that allow for motorized use​
  • Crossing structures, bridges, railings, ramps, and fencing
  • ​Bank stabilization and retaining structures
  • OHV trail corridor re-vegetation and erosion control​
  • ​Trailhead development and/or support facilities related to OHV or multi-use trails including parking areas, restrooms, and related facilities
  • Project Materials, Tools and Supplies​
  • Equipment needed to build or maintain OHV trails
  • Fleet vehicle(s) for trail crew members - fixed and variable expenses, fuel and fluids. ​
  • Normal maintenance and repairs on trail machines (trail bikes, ATVs) and equipment (dozers, chainsaws, generators, etc.), fuel and fluids.
  • Signs - directional, regulatory, and interpretive signage for OHV routes
  • Printing - maps/guides, safety and educational materials Programs, publications and videos on safety and OHV recreation
  • OHV trail or system planning, engineering, or design
  • ​Land acquisition or easement projects. NEPA review and environmental compliance work required under NEPA or other statutes​
  • Restoration of closed trails or damaged areas where a nexus exists between OHV misuse and needed repairs
  • Salary, compensation and benefits for crew members or project employees​
  • Employment-required immunizations, background checks​
  • Law enforcement wages for enforcing State OHV Law (CRS 33-14.5)
  • OHV Education and safety programs
  • Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance required for OHV projects.
  • Insurance coverage for physical damage and theft on equipment purchased with OHV funding that ​is valued at over $10,000​


The St​ate of Colorado is committed to providing equitable access to our services to all Coloradans. Please contact​ for personalized accessibility assistance with the documents available for download on this page, which are available in text format upon request.​

OHV Grant Applications

Region Wildlife Impact Summaries - 2023-2024

2023-2024 OHV Com​​petitive Trail Project Grants

  1. ​Dozer 24 Project 2024
  2. Calico North Trail Project 2024
  3. UAMTC Equipment 2024
  4. OHV Trail Dozer Maintenance Program 2024
  5. COHVCO OHV Workshops 2024
  6. Canyon Creek Trail Reconstruction 2024
  7. OHV San Carlos Trails Project 2024
  8. TMW Trail Support 2024
  9. Trail Maintenance Yankee Hill Access 2024
  10. Archuleta ATV Trail Project, Ph.2 2024
  11. Rampart Trail Crew Patrol-VI 2024
  12. Timberline Maintenance Patrol-II 2024
  13. SPKRD OHV Heavy Equipment 2024
  14. BLM SLVGO OHV Trail Crew 2024
  15. Moffat County  Motorcross Trail Maintenance 2024
  16. Divide Heavy Maintenance Trail Crew 2024
  17. RRMMC Trail Maintenance 2024
  18. RGFO Trail Maintenance 2024
  19. Pagosa Excavator 2024
  20. GJFO Equipment Operator 2024
  21. North Zone OHV Crew 2024
  22. Colorado 4x4 Rescue Recovery 2024
  23. Camp Hale-Vail Pass Stakeholder 2024
  24. GVRD Heavy Equipment Crew 2024
  25. Jackson Lake OHV Trail Rehab 2024
  26. HPBE OHV Trail Crew 2024
  27. Big Bend OHV Beginner Track 2024
  28. Columbine OHV Parking Area Restrooms 2024
  29. Hill Climb Rehab-OHV Trail Improvements 2024
  30. Travel Management Signage 2024
  31. STT Education Stewardship Alliance 2024
  32. CCMR Trail Maintenance 2024
  33. Boulder RD OHV Crew 2024
  34. Sand Wash Trailhead 2024
  35. Little Snake OHV Crew 2024
  36. White River OHV Trail Crew 2024
  37. TPA Stewardship Videos 2024
  38. BLM Statewide OHV Law Enforcement 2024
  39. Subcontractor Trail Maintenance 2024
  40. Supply Equipment 2024
  41. Lookout Mountain Trail Realignment 2024

Good Management Submissions​

​Archived OHV Gr​ant Submissions​